Trans Kids Deserve Better

The rights and freedoms of trans+ children and young people have been deliberately and systematically eroded. We have been made into political tools for failing British politics in order to create moral panic, split the left, and distract from real problems.

Perfect for politics. Less perfect if you're the pawn.

What are we?

We are a UK action network by trans+ youth, for trans+ youth. We defend ourselves, and all help is needed

Real empowerment will come from trans youth taking back our lives and demanding better. We can help you do that.

Why are we here?

In the UK, we as trans young people don't have the right to access gender affirming care. We used to spend years on waiting lists for medical support, but now the doors are fully closed to new patients. The medical support we need is extremely time-sensitive, and many of us die waiting.

We're young people just like any others, we want to be treated with dignity, age alongside our peers, and move through the world as we are, not as others tell us we should be.

And yet, our supportive parents have been threatened with child safeguarding referrals, our pharmacies have been forced to hold back our medications, and our schools have been made battle grounds with us at the same time as weapon, aggressor, and victim. We refuse to live like this. We deserve better.